Tonights Outdoor screening of T2 Trainspotting has sold out. Plenty of tickets available inside.

Programme 2016 - 2017

Sunday Feb 268:00PM
Monday Feb 278:00PM
Tuesday Feb 288:00PM
Wednesday Mar 18:00PM
Thursday Mar 28:00PM
Friday Mar 38:00PM
Saturday Mar 48:00PM
Sunday Mar 58:00PM
Monday Mar 68:00PM
Tuesday Mar 78:00PM
Wednesday Mar 88:00PM
Saturday Mar 118:00PM
Sunday Mar 128:00PM
Tuesday Mar 148:00PM
Wednesday Mar 158:00PM
Friday Mar 178:00PM
Saturday Mar 188:00PM
Monday Mar 208:00PM
Tuesday Mar 218:00PM
Wednesday Mar 228:00PM
Friday Mar 248:00PM
Saturday Mar 258:00PM
Sunday Mar 268:00PM
Monday Mar 278:00PM
Tuesday Mar 288:00PM
Wednesday Mar 298:00PM
Saturday Apr 228:00PM
Monday Apr 248:00PM
Tuesday Apr 258:00PM
Wednesday Apr 268:00PM