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Hounds of Love 104 mins

  • Hounds of Love
  • Hounds of Love
  • Hounds of Love
  • Hounds of Love
  • Hounds of Love

The discovery last year's Venice Film Festival was a stunning debut feature in the Australian  true-crime tradition from breakthrough director Ben young

Set in Perth in 1987, HOUNDS OF LOVE is a drama-thriller set in an era when the city still didn't lock its doors at night. Hounds of Love delves into the now staple of Australian film: unsuspected violence behind ordinary suburban doors. John (Stephen Curry) and Evelyn (Emma Booth) look ordinary enough, if a bit rough; nobody guesses what goes on behind closed doors....

The award-winning first feature by Perth writer-director Ben Young, #HoundsMovie stars knockout performances by Australia's most exciting female talents Ashleigh Cummings and Emma Booth, with an outstanding and unlikely turn by Stephen Curry.

BEST ACTRESS, Ashleigh Cummings | Fedora Award, Venice Film Festival
BEST ACTRESS, Emma Booth | Brussels Intl Film Festival
BEST DIRECTOR, Ben Young | Brussels Intl Film Festival

"a genre-bending powerhouse thriller", said Variety.

"...Hounds of Love benefits from impressive control of visuals to build suspense and from the spiky performances of its fearless cast, flagging Young as a talent to watch." —Hollywood Reporter

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"...vivid but admirably restrained...Hounds of Love is a calling card not soon forgotten."

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