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Meal Tickets 93 mins

  • Meal Tickets
  • Meal Tickets

"The closest you will ever get to going on a rock'n'roll tour, without actually being there." – director Mat de Koning

You can almost feel the sticky carpet and smell the motel rooms in this most excellent longitudinal documentary about the ups, downs, ins and outs and roundabouts of life in a rock band.

In what was dangerously close to becoming a life’s work for director Mat de Koning, Meal Tickets centres on the supped-up rise of Perth rock band Screwtop Detonators on the local scene then to Melbourne then on tour in the US. Along the way relationships splinter, new friendships and careers are formed and teenage dreams and expectations are stared right in the eye.

As it turns out life on the road with a young rock band is exactly what you thought it might be except smellier and de Koning is right there to document a world where what happens on tour no longer stays on tour.

Meal Tickets is infinitely rewarding – especially for local audiences – but beyond that it provides an often hilarious, often excruciating but always fascinating insight into friendship, loyalty and what it takes to make it.

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