Parallel Mothers 120 mins

Monday, 31 January 8:15PM

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  • Parallel Mothers

Pedro Almodóvar returns, following his triumphant Pain and Glory, with a dramatic tale of motherhood and historical trauma starring Penélope Cruz.

Cruz, winner of the Best Actress prize at Venice 2021, is fantastic as Janis, a photographer who accidentally becomes pregnant through a relationship with a married forensic archaeologist. While in hospital, about to give birth, she meets Ana (Milena Smit), a traumatised adolescent who is terrified about her pregnancy. Though in very different situations, Janis and Ana form a bond that has a dramatic impact on their lives. In returning to his recurrent theme of mothers, Almodóvar delves into Spain’s traumatic past, showing an intense connection between the personal and the political. The craft is of course distinctively Almodóvar’s, and the gorgeous visuals combined with deep emotion make this a very welcome return into his world.

"Parallel Mothers is really about how the drive that moves us to sustain our families, whatever the challenge, is nothing less than the life force, drawn from generations and held within us. At the end, when the film visibly unifies that force, it’s one of Almodóvar’s most transporting moments." Variety

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Spanish language film with English subtitles

"Most directors give so little. Almodóvar, by contrast, offers an over-abundance of riches."
The Guardian

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